A not so Happy New Year!

Kingsland Consultant, Peter Sargent is not feeling a Happy New Year! Don't let your financial worries dampen the start to 2019 - take action and talk to Kingsland Business Recovery for professional advice.

What is it about the start of a new year which usually makes people so full of optimism?  It is not as if much has really changed in a day! 

I am as guilty as the rest, expecting and hoping for a better year than the one which has just gone by. However, this new year I am filled with a sense of dread. I think it is the uncertainty over Brexit, made worse by the appalling lack of sensible leadership from the mainstream political parties, mixed in with the dreadful intolerance and lack of respect for individuals’ point of views. The changes ahead to everyone in all walks of life are going to be considerable unless a sensible way forward is found. 

The problem is we worry about things which, when it comes to it, we have no control over … so why really worry? It is time to be stoical and only deal with the problems over which we have some control, they may only be minor but at least we can resolve them.

For both business and the consumer, 2019 is going to be a year of uncertainty. Businesses without direction, unsure what to do, how to do it and whether or not it will be good for them. At the same time, the consumer is so apprehensive about what could happen that it is drawing its horns in, preparing for the worst or just carrying on regardless not thinking about what is possibly coming round the corner.

I think for both business and consumer it is time to get some ‘wool on their backs’ to prepare for the possibility of difficult times ahead. Better to be prepared than behaving like an ostrich with its head in the sand.

One of my favourite phrases in times of crises is a Canadian phrase “shoot the wolf nearest the sledge” and I think it is time to adopt that attitude. In other words, deal with the most pressing problem first, then move to the next and the next and so on.

For both businesses and individuals, this time of year could be a period of financial distress. More monies are going out than coming in, the bills keep piling up and the affects surrounding Brexit could make matters even worse.
In the end, it may be time to seek advice from an insolvency practitioner. Some specialise in businesses, some in personal debt, others especially the smaller local boutique practices are willing to see all that call upon their services.

At one time nobody had ever heard of an insolvency practitioner, even fewer ever wanted to see one. The services they provide were only required in distressed situations, so referrals usually came via fellow professionals such as solicitors and accountants. However, with the publicity surrounding the demise of the High Street, the insolvency practitioner profession is much better known and more business owners and individuals call upon their services directly.

Don’t let financial uncertainty spoil your new year, the Kingsland Business Recovery team with experienced staff and offices in Yorkshire and the Midlands are well situated to advise both businesses and individuals in financial distress. Don’t be afraid to come and talk, push the door and come inside. We are here to help find the best solution for all stakeholders.

For a confidential discussion, please contact 0800 955 3595 or email info@kingslandbr.co.uk 

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