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Business Recovery Service - 8th December 2014

Our business recovery service are available right across the UK, wherever you are based we are available to bring tangible help to businesses who are suffering from cash-flow problems. If you need advice and help on how to handle a difficult financial situation then, before it gets too late, contact us to discuss how our business recovery service can help you.

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Is a Company Voluntary Arrangement Suitable a Good Idea For You? - 1st December 2014

Is a Company Voluntary Arrangement Suitable a Good Idea For You?

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Creditors Voluntary Liquidation V Compulsory Liquidation - 20th November 2014

Many clients contact us asking “what's the difference between us placing the company into liquidation” and “waiting for a creditor to petition for the companies winding up and letting them incur the costs.”

Understandably when a company is on its knee incurring extra costs is something that everyone would like to avoid. But what are the differences and why is it that people decide to place the company into liquidation themselves rather than wait for someone to incur the costs?

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Winding up Petition - 3rd November 2014

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Is there finally a link between Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs? - 15th January 2014

Taz Rashid, Partner and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner at Kingsland Business Recovery has over the last few months been inundated by queries from both directors and accountants alike that have been unsuccessful in striking off their Company’s through the normal process of filing form DS01 at Companies House.

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35 signs insolvency might be coming - 7th January 2014

Four years on and we are still in the grip of the greatest recession to hit Great Britain and there are no tell tale signs of recovery. Tauseef Rashid at Kingsland Business Recovery has been inundated with queries from various parties on how to help their client at the earliest possible opportunity in order to minimise the loss to the clients in most cases in their personal capacity.

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Top tips to avoid insolvency - 3rd January 2014

From our experience, it's often that the reasons for insolvency can comprise some similar fundamental challenges across varying businesses and industries, so we put together a few top tips to help companies avoid it:

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Protection through a Private Debenture - 3rd December 2013

We at Kingsland Business Recovery like to use our experience and expertise to change the business environment we work within and have therefore have been busy working closely with other professionals in developing a product and a service that helps business owners.

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What is a “Zombie Company” and how is this affecting the current economic climate? - 19th November 2013

Taz Rashid, Partner and Licensed Insolvency at Kingsland Business Recovery has seen from recent media coverage and from the tabloids that there has been a focus on Zombie Companies and that they are holding back the growth of the country’s economy.

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What is a Pre-pack? - 8th November 2013

Pre-packs have become a familiar heading for tabloids in recent times, mainly associated to the collapse of some of the major high street retailers which includes brands the likes of United Carpets, Game, Peacocks, Blacks Leisure, La Senza and Firetrap.

You may therefore ask what is a Pre-pack?

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