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Can Bad Debts Lead to Insolvency? - 2nd March 2015

Through our time working with businesses who are heading towards insolvency we have realised that the causes of insolvency are similar across a number of different business areas. 

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Business Recovery FAQs - 9th February 2015

Insolvency, bankruptcy, liquidation – they are all terms an individual may not be familiar with, until they are faced with the prospect of one of them affecting their company. At Kingsland Business Recovery we provide tailored solutions to companies who are facing financial problems or insolvency and work to ensure whatever route the company takes that it is done professionally, legally and with the company’s best interests in mind. 

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Reasons to Consider Business Restructuring - 2nd February 2015

We provide business restructuring services for companies who may fall in to insolvency without professional and experienced business recovery specialists. You can contact our team today to talk about how we can help you on 0800 955 3595.

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Do I need an Independent Business Review? - 26th January 2015

An independent business review is when an outside party, usually a secured lender, is sent to establish the structure and solvency of a company. You may be in need of an independent business review if you believe your lending is at risk.

The review will help the company identify any problems that might lead to insolvency and the resulting changes may lead to better cash flow solutions in the future. Our business recovery experts have helped many companies who have found it hard to pinpoint the main problems in their business strategy and performance.

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Managed Exits - 19th January 2015 -

There are some instances in which winding down the business and returning capital to shareholders may be necessary and of interest to business owners. These processes are called managed exits or business exit routes and can help to stop the business failing from a poor performing subsidiary. Our business recovery experts can plan managed exits to avoid any further risks to your capital. Closing the business may be hard but could be the most rational decision for the future.

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Business Debt Advice - 12th January 2015

Over time, small debt can add up dramatically and the vast majority of new traders lose their business when they become too lenient in chasing company debt. In many circumstances, no amount of financial planning can prevent a company from falling in to debt but receiving business debt advice is always extremely helpful. Our team of business recovery experts knows this all too well and have offered business debt advice to clients who might feel trapped by a growing list of unsettled bills and company expenditures.

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Distribution in a MVL - 8th January 2015

In many cases with a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) the aim of the shareholders is to release the capital as quickly as possible so they can invest it in their next project or buy that dream house they wanted etc. So regularly we get asked the question whether we can transfer the funds ASAP rather than wait until the end of the process to release the funds. 

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Solutions for Cash-Flow Problems - 29th December 2014

A business’s cash-flow is crucial to their survival, having a strong cash-flow reflects that a business is doing well and their business model is succeeding. However, as it is intrinsically linked to your customers, even the healthiest of cash-flows can suffer problems without warning. Our team of business recovery experts know this and can provide solutions for cash-flow problems. Contact us today to speak to one of the team on 0800 955 3595 or use the online contact form

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Business Rescue Services - 26th December 2014

We provide business rescue services which give confidential advice on company debt and what how our business recovery service can help to resolve the situation. We can help in renegotiating company debts and highlight what options are available to you in order to resolve that situation. Contact us today to talk about our business rescue services.

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Is Raithatha still a valid law - latest law change on pensions in a bankruptcy - 19th December 2014

A recent legal judgement has now raised a question market over the validity of pension rights in proceedings of bankruptcy.

Originally the position of law was clarified by a judgement of Deputy Judge Livesey QC in the case of Raithatha v Williamson. The ruling meant trustees in bankruptcy were able to access uncrystallised pension rights and make available some of the proceeds to creditors.

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