What are the warning signs of an insolvent company? (June 2017)

At Kingsland Business Recovery, one of the most commonly asked questions is “What are the warning signs that a company might be in trouble?” To answer this and other commonly asked questions, Kingsland has created a series of short videos to explain these subject areas. This is our first short video on a technical subject presented by Kingsland Director, Rehan Ahmed. We'd be really interested to hear your feedback or if you have any other insolvency related queries that we could explain via a short video, please let us know. To view the video, please click here or click on the icon



Iftaari Celebrations (June 2017)

The Kingsland Business Recovery team had the pleasure of hosting Iftaari parties in Birmingham and Bradford recently bringing together professional contacts, clients and business partners under one roof to celebrate the blessing of Ramadan.

Over 100 guests concluded their fast with Kingsland, enjoying the delicious food prepared by Tipu Sultan (Birmingham) and Midpoint Aagrah (Bradford) Restaurants.  Kingsland believes in creating strong relationships with our partners and most importantly puts focus on maintaining them.  The present Iftaari gatherings are another step to ensure and strengthen long-lasting relationships within the local business communities. Enjoy the photos and thanks for attending!





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