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Keeping track of expenses can help keep your business on track - 13th April 2018

“Beware the Ides of March,” Julius Caesar was famously warned in Shakespeare’s play named after Ancient Rome’s best-known general. Despite being a superstitious man, Caesar ignores the soothsayer’s warning and (plot spoiler alert!) walks straight into his assassination.

Now, I may not be as superstitious as Caesar, and I certainly hope not to meet the same fate! But March does always bring a sense of dread, since it brings with it our annual council tax demand. I received mine last week.

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Is Turnaround & Restructuring Work a Conflict of Interests for Insolvency Practitioners? - 13th April 2018

A business that is already in financial distress or heading that way really needs early restructuring & turnaround advice to hopefully save it from becoming formally insolvent. At this stage, you’ve most likely tried sorting the problem yourself and know you need outside help. Getting advice, sooner rather than later, is absolutely paramount if there is going to be a chance of saving the business.

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